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Sharing your page with your friends

I often see my clients sharing the very same posts from their business page on their personal profiles in an effort to extend their reach. Some people say you should take every opportunity to market yourself, but in my view that’s true only to an extent. The moment your audience turns from indifference to loathing towards your marketing efforts you crossed the line between self promotion and spam. And when the audience is your social circle, that’s not a good thing. Some people may even think you’re just adding them to your friends list to become consumers of your marketing.

Of course, you should make your Facebook friends aware of what you do for a living: after all, if they didn’t know, they are probably not your friends anyway. But do so in a subtle way: make the standard post about your new job position and invite them to like your business page, but do not try to force your page’s posts down their throat – after all, if Aunt Grazyna wanted to know about your punk mixtape posted on SoundCloud, she would have accepted your invitation to like your page.

Beyond these obvious steps to let your friends know about what you are working on, you may want sometimes to produce some content specifically aimed at your personal page: stuff that you might be shy to post in your business profile, such as that day you introduced your baby to the office or when you had mom eating at your restaurant. Such content will generate more sympathy for your entrepreneurship among your friends than sharing posts from a page they did not want to join in the first place. So get creative and remember: quality wins over quantity – especially if you want to keep your friends!

Juan Calderon

Juan Calderon

Born in La Coruña, Spain many, many years ago. Residing in Cracow, Poland since 2017 where he manages the marketing startup DominioZero along with other projects, including a thriving video gaming business.
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